by Nathan Bluecloud ©

Kick-stamping my way across the rickety boards.

In the shadows.

Trigger finger twitching.

One eye half-cocked, alert for any sudden movement in the shimmering heat of Main Street.


I’m a seething mass of dust and anger!

“Grr, rah, raah..gotta’ kill someone real quick!”

I got two Colt 45’s – twelve shots to offload – cross-tucked inside my three-quarter length black jacket with my well-worn 501’s, Cuban heeled boots and silver spurs with sharpened spinning wheels.

“Grr, rah, raah..gotta’ kill someone real quick!”


Any saloon’s a good saloon.

I kick the first door in my path ajar and order ”a Bourbon – neat”.


“Make that another, with a beer chaser”, I grind out of my missing lower front teeth.


That card game in the corner’s got six takers – maybe I can scoop the loot too? Two shots in, there’d be no more surprises? I might get in two more to make four, which leaves two gringos left, to get me, before I get to that front door!

Hmm – don’t like the odds. Gotta get a victim closer to that front door?

How about I go those two to the left, then the two to the right – then two more bulls-eyes for that mutton chopped bar-keep!

“Gimme another Bourbon – neat. Grr, rah, hmm!”


There must be another option?

I cast my eyes above. There’s a stairwell leading to the rooms of love.

On the landing in between, a mass of petticoats. Some of the faces are fresh, others are just plain mean.


“What; who is that?”

Raven black hair to the waist, desert sky eyes and brilliantly white teeth – she must be half-Comanche, half-Mexican?

And part Brazilian.. and I think I know which part!

Either way, she laughs loudly and impudently at my gaze, mouthing something, silently – sending me a thought bubble down through the smoke haze.




“My grandfather gave me some peyote. Come with me, we can…….all night long!”

“If you want to get any closer to this crack, you’ll take the map.”


I take the parchment map and follow the trail, down dry-goat gulch, avoiding the Apache quail.

Scree slopes don’t bother me, I rest under a leave-less tree.

I follow the ridge, to a crumbling rock bridge.. then an impenetrable canyon wall?

What’s the call?

I study the map, it say’s “Wait patiently, take a nap – there’s not a lot to get until you see the sun set.”


As the sun sets; as if inevitable, the impenetrable canyon wall opens into a golden pathway.

I enter her crack. Then a cave. Not feeling brave?

My spines an electric wire, I spy Comanche’s dancing madly around a fire.

So hot! ..a melting pot of moccasins, ecstatic screams and hallucinogenic dreams!

Distinguished in his grey plats..her grandfather is sucking on a big fat pipe, partly obscured in the humid light.

I know it’s not right..….but I take the pipe.

He sends a thought bubble my way.




“On your 1st toke you will be as strong as an ox for my granddaughter.

On your 2nd, start to understand the mysteries of the universe.

On your 3rd, transcendence.”


Being a superficial white bloke, I take just one toke.


Cough! Cough!


The smoke clears.

I’m back in the bar.

I look upstairs to the “rooms of love”.

She’s still there!


She’s laughing with me,

not at me.

I un-cock my gun and cock-up my cock.

I sprint upstairs…and fall flat on my face.


…and awake to my reality….I’m in suburbia….and it’s just another awkward…early morning piss!